25 Deadly Dangers Most People Underestimate

health-Medicines-thermometer-pill-gphMost people know very well what is deadly dangerous. So, everyone knows exactly that sharks and plane crashes are deadly dangers. But actually the chances that a person will be hit by a car are much higher than dying in a plane crash. Thus, people underestimate real dangers.

1. Simultaneous use of alcohol and paracetamol

These products separately (of course, in moderation), are not really dangerous, but, if you mix them, you will call an ambulance.

2. Fight

Every year many people injured in fights get into hospital. And it is worth remembering that any blow in the face or on the head is a risk to be put behind the bars on charges of manslaughter.

3. Texting while driving

Even the most professional drivers will not have time to react to sudden danger when distracted by texting for a few seconds.

4. Driving

Driving a car is one of the most dangerous things that people do every day. Driving a car is much more dangerous than flying on an airplane.

5. Not seeing a dentist when having toothache

If you do not see a dentist when you suffer toothache and simply take painkillers, there is a risk of developing an infection.

6. Not being vaccinated

One of the reasons why life expectancy has significantly increased in the last 100 years is the fact that there appeared vaccines against the diseases that once ravaged entire countries.

7. Sunburn


Sunbathing dramatically increases the likelihood of skin cancer. Even on a sunbed, the body reacts to ultraviolet radiation, producing more melanin.

8. Deadly cinnamon

Just one teaspoon of cinnamon powder can kill a person. It absorbs all the liquid in the mouth, which can lead to the blockage of the respiratory tract (in fact, it becomes impossible to swallow). Capsaicin, one of the components of cinnamon (also contained in chili peppers) can penetrate into the lungs, which will complicate the situation further.

9. Sitting

If you sit for a long period of time (such as during long flights), this can lead to the formation of blood clots in the legs. These clots can penetrate into the heart, causing a heart attack, or to the lungs, causing pulmonary embolism and death.

10. Electrical work

If a person does not have the necessary qualification, they should not mess around with the wiring. Even 220 volts is more than enough to kill a person.

11. Motorbikes

Although everyone is aware that motorbikes are more dangerous than cars, few people imagine how much more. Doctors often call bikers “future organ donors.”

12. Animals


People rarely realize that ordinary domestic herbivores can kill a person as fast as big predators.

13. Pools

Drowning is one of the main causes of death among young people.

14. Obesity

Along with smoking, obesity is one of the worst threats for the body. Most preventable diseases could be avoided if one stopped smoking and maintained weight at a normal level.

15. Not seeing doctors


Those who live in a country with low-cost and affordable medicine should definitely contact a doctor in case of something more serious than a common cold.

16. Air pollution

People tend to underestimate the harm that inhaling airborne contaminants does to our health. Often, life in big cities is detrimental to health.

17. Drinking too much alcohol


Aside from the obvious health hazards, there is another danger – passing out and choking on vomit.

18. Acne

More specifically, we are talking about acne in between the corners of the mouth and the nose. Infection from these areas can spread to the brain and cause meningitis.

19. Inhaling paint/gasoline fumes

This applies to almost any chemicals. Inhaling them for a long time can lead to cancer and brain damage.

20. Diving

Before you jump into the water, you need to be absolutely sure that there is deep water underneath. A lot of people are paralyzed every year, because of hurting their neck in the shallow water.

21. Staying up


Insomnia is actually even more harmful for common sense than alcohol. Moreover, it may disrupt your mental health.

22. Hiding from a tornado under an overpass

This actually caused a lot of misfortunes. In fact, you need to lie face down in the lowest point available (for example, in the ditch) and cover your head with your hands.

23. Stroking the head of somebody’s dog

Some dogs may bite your hand, because when someone is touching the back of its neck and the dog cannot see it, the animal regards it as a sign of domination. Better, let the dog sniff your hand. Once it realizes that the person is not a threat and licks your hand, you can stroke it on the head.

24. Dull blades

People usually think that only sharp knives are dangerous. But when you cut something with a dull knife, you put a lot more effort. And if the knife slips…

25. Swimming in the ocean

People swimming in the ocean are afraid of sharks. But there are much greater dangers – the flow and tidal motions. While swimming in the ocean, it is necessary to stay perpendicular to the flow direction (usually, this means parallel to the shore).