11 Healthy Food Trends Not to Follow

Fashion tell us to transform green fruit into smoothies, add chia seeds for every reason, bake pancakes on soy isolate and look for rare, fabulously useful products. If you are tired of doing this, this article is for you.

Avocado burger

No one argues that avocado is great. But what would you say to using the fruit, known for its silky, delicate texture, instead of a roll in a burger? To many, it still remains a secret why it is generally considered edible.


Initially, that is how natural organic products with a high concentration of nutrients were called (for example, goji berries, acai, Peruvian poppy). However, over the past years, this term has become so comprehensive that it lost its original meaning. We will not be surprised if biscuit cakes begin to be called superfood by the autumn of 2017.

Multi-layered avocado toasts

We do not mind the avocado, even if it is spread over the toast. But when you add fried eggs, chopped almonds and green herbs to it, eating such a construction becomes a difficult feat. One bite, and the filling falls on your blouse or knees. This dish is only suitable for posting it on Instagram.

Debate over breakfast

Scrambled eggs, muffin or oatmeal? It is high time you forgot about the disputes on what should be eaten for breakfast and whether this meal is needed at all, if you don’t feel like swallowing anything in the morning. Eat when hungry.

Long-known “new” products

Curly cabbage (kale), quinoa, kefir, ghee oil, kombucha tea mushroom, matte tea, tofu or rice flour – you can continue the list of “sensational” products endlessly. However, any article in the spirit of “a new super-useful product has been discovered” does not contain any discovery as such. Quinoa has a thousand-year history dating back to the time of Andean civilizations, ghee oil is used in Indian and Pakistani cuisine, and the first mention of the kombucha tea mushroom dates back to 220 B.C.

Beverages with activated carbon

Despite the fact that activated carbon is a good absorbent, one should not use it as a detox drink. It absorbs everything that is necessary for the body, including medicines or vitamins. So use it only in case of digestive problems.

Water with chlorophyll

Proponents of liquid chlorophyll claim that it is a storehouse of useful substances for the human body. But how much of it do you need to drink to feel the desired effect? Does it work at all, or do we just waste money buying it? Real liquid chlorophyll is not cheap, and biologically active substances containing a synthetic substance have an extensive list of side effects.

Promoting strict diets

How do you know that someone is keeping to a strict diet? Do not worry, they will tell everything by themselves and, most likely, they will try to talk you into dieting as well. Sometimes you want to answer: “Well, you are a paragon of proper nutrition in the world of gluttony, but could you stop boasting about it and talk about something else instead?”

The habit of indulging yourself with food

Stop indulging yourself with food. Whatever it means – eating a dessert, drinking a glass of wine or taking popcorn in a movie theater. Instead, start eating what you like and wherever you like (as long as the meal contains vegetables). The best place to indulge yourself is a spa.

Bone broth

Bone broth has become the mainstream of a healthy diet in 2016 (while vegetarians consider it to be a pure poison!). Forget about it. It serves well as the basis for soup, not the magic elixir.

Sandwiches with sweet potatoes

At first, making sandwiches with sweet potatoes seems an interesting idea. But in the end, it’s no better than the notorious avocado burger. Moreover, the effect is minimal. Just think about eating bread instead.