15 Worst Foods in Your Kitchen


We would like to tell you about 15 well-known, but quite harmful foods. They are so bad that can even cause death. They include raw cookie dough made from deadly ingredients, and the fish which can make anyone a complete idiot.

15. Popcorn from the microwave oven

The only thing you need to do is to take the bag and put it in the microwave oven to have the grains transformed into cereals. Research shows that the ingredients, contained in these bags of popcorn, cause cancer, infertility and other diseases in laboratory animals.

14. Potatoes

The leaves and stems of this plant contain natural toxins, glycoalkaloids, which are able to accumulate in the body and eventually kill a person. If you eat them at the rate of 2 milligrams per 1 kg of body weight, you can get cramps, diarrhea, and headache. If you eat from 3 to 6 milligrams, they will lead to coma or death. No greenish potatoes on the menu!

13. Apples

There is a saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but we must not forget that apples contain pesticides. Different substances are added for apples to grow faster and get ripe; moreover, the seeds of ripe apples contain a substance that decomposes to cyanide. However, one will have to eat a few dozen apples with seeds a day to get poisoned.

12. Coffee

Coffee causes a lot of different problems, including the story about a woman who got burns of 6% of her body after taking a sip of hot coffee at McDonalds. The drink is contraindicated, if one suffers from insomnia and cardiovascular diseases; in addition, it spoils the teeth as quickly as smoking.

11. Eggs

People have removed raw eggs from their diet because of the chance to get infected with salmonella. It is contained in many eggs, and the more salmonella an egg contains, the higher is the risk to get infected. It is advised to put the eggs in the fridge immediately after you come back from the store and hard-boil them before use.

10. Raw dough

You cannot avoid getting infected with raw eggs, if you use them in the dough for biscuits. It can also infect you with salmonella. In addition, the dangerous bacteria can get into the dough from the unwashed hands, dirty dishes, or cutting boards.

9. Processed meat

Experts from the American Institute for Cancer believe that processed meat is a source of health problems. Preservatives that are used for preparing processed meat products cause cancer and heart disease. Therefore, avoid eating sausages.

8. Hot dogs

If it seems that hot dogs can hurt because of sausages and buns, it is a mistake. They seem to be designed to make a person choke easily. Children under 10 years of age are at risk. One should be careful while eating hot dogs not to get a piece of food into the airways.

7. Greens

All doctors recommend eating a lot of greens, but no one warns you that you can get sick from the amount of pesticides, which they contain. Before the use of greens, you should wash them properly and dry them with paper towels. Be careful not to spill the water, which was used to clean the greens because it contains dirt and chemicals that can get onto the work surface or table.

6. Jalapeno

Fortunately, only a small number of people prefer to eat jalapeno, but they are at risk of irritating their skin and mucous membranes when using this variety of pepper. Gloves and very long knives are recommended to work with these peppers to avoid getting their juice on the skin. It is even better not to use this kind of pepper when cooking a sauce.

5. Tuna

Few people mention this, but regular consumption of tuna meat may be harmful because of the high content of mercury. If you regularly eat this fish, harmful components accumulate in the body, enter the brain and clog vessels. As a result, a person becomes defective and suffers from intellectual and mental health problems.

4. Rice

Rice contains arsenic, which the roots of the plants absorb from the water in the fields while growing. Two types of arsenic are found in rice. Organic arsenic, contained in the soil, is relatively safe. But the kind of arsenic, which gets into the soil with fertilizers, is dangerous. This substance can cause the appearance of diabetes, cancer of the bladder, skin, or lungs, and heart disease.

3. Cocktails

If someone often drinks a variety of cocktails, you cannot be sure that he/she will keep mixing them for a long time.

2. Cashew nuts from the supermarket

If the bag with nuts says “raw cashews”, do not believe your eyes. These nuts are steamed to remove the harmful chemical substance that is similar to that contained in poison ivy. If it has not been removed from all the nuts, cashew fans may suffer a disorder of the digestive tract or an allergy that can cause an anaphylactic shock or even death.

1. Raw meat

Raw meat is dangerous to eat, and many people know this. When working with it, you need to wash your hands and separate it from other products, as they may be infected with salmonella and E. Coli bacteria. Meat must be cooked thoroughly to destroy all harmful bacteria. If you are not planning to use meat in the near future, it should be put in the freezer.