3 Most Common Causes of Back Pain

The spine is one of the most complex and little-understood areas of the human body. It is the center of control for a huge range of different physical functions. Suffering from a painful back is an incredibly unpleasant experience that can be difficult to manage and can leave sufferers unable to move properly or carry out their daily activities.

Whether you have booked in to see a chiropractor Downers Grove IL whom we’d recommend, or are opting to treat your sore back at home, it’s crucial to understand first what could have led to your condition. We’ve listed three of the most common causes of back pain. Check them out below.

Trauma or Injury

Perhaps the most common cause of back is trauma or injury to the area. This could be from having a fall, a road traffic collision, or simply lifting something heavy.

Our backs are full of muscles and tendons that allow for safe and comfortable movement. Injuring one of these through trauma is known as a back strain. A back sprain is a term used to refer to damage in the back’s ligaments.

Our spinal vertebrae are supported by ligaments, which are bands of tough yet malleable tissue. Lifting something improperly or suddenly turning or twisting your back can tear these ligaments from their attached positions, causing what is known as a back sprain.

In extreme cases, trauma to the spine can fracture the vertebrae. This usually only occurs in serious, high-speed collisions such as traffic or sporting accidents.

Getting Older

As we get older, our bodies become more susceptible to wear and tear and are less able to repair and heal themselves. This can manifest in a number of ways, with one of the most common symptoms of aging being a painful back.

Unfortunately, back pain is a normal part of aging, with experts estimating that as many as 85% of people experience it as they get older, generally from the age of 40 onwards. The age-related back is usually down to the natural degeneration of the discs, which are fluid-filled cushions that sit between the vertebrae.

The best tip here is to remain vigilant and make yourself aware of signs that could indicate your back pain is a result of something more serious. Seek medical advice if your back pain is highly uncomfortable or if it is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, numbness, or weight loss.

Medical Conditions

Back pain can also be caused by a range of different medical conditions. This is why it is so important to keep an eye on any back pain and seek medical advice to determine its cause. Medical conditions resulting in back pain include osteoporosis, viral or bacterial infections, kidney stones, and tumors. If your back pain is accompanied by other symptoms elsewhere in the body, this could indicate it is caused by a medical condition rather than injury or aging.


Understanding the root cause of your back pain is vital if you want to treat it. Use this guide to learn about the three most common causes of back pain.

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