Best Foods to Eat after 40


A number of nutritionists are convinced that with age people need to adjust their diet. According to experts, since the body decreases energy consumption and increases the risk of exposure to disease, after the age of 40 years people should eat certain foods.

According to an authoritative expert in the field of dietetics, Ian Marber, it is a common mistake of the people of mature age to continue to eat the same foods as at the age of twenty years. The reality is that by 40 years the likelihood of developing pathologies caused by unhealthy lifestyles increases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. To protect oneself from them, Marber recommends necessarily eating some specific products after 40.

The list of the products composed by the nutritionist included:

  • oats,
  • cherry,
  • almonds,
  • fish fat,
  • soybeans,
  • tomatoes,
  • milk,
  • chicken meat.

Experts note that these products contain substances that protect the body from the adverse aging process – in particular, the loss of muscle mass and bone weakening, the increase in cholesterol and the loss of tissue elasticity of blood vessels. Furthermore, they contain many vitamins and antioxidants.

The nutritionist encourages carefully monitoring the diet as the years pass.

The Daily Mail newspaper quotes the expert saying that with age human organism needs a smaller amount of energy: its energy consumption starts to decrease from the age of 30 years. Already at this point it’s time to adjust your diet; otherwise by the age of 40 the risk of diseases caused by the lifestyle will increase.

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