How to Stay Awake after a Sleepless Night?

You should not turn lack of sleep into a habit, but you can cure the consequences of one sleepless night completely.

Drink some water

Dehydration causes drowsiness. How much water will you need during this sleepless day? The calculation is simple: 30 ml per kilogram of weight, provided that the body is completely healthy and functioning without failures. Pay attention to the quality of water: it must be clean and filtered, otherwise it can hardly be called a source of nutrients. Never drink energy drinks, if you want to energize yourself. Yes, they give a quick but short-term effect: after an instant flash of vigor, you will feel even more tired. Besides, an excess of caffeine is not at all good for the heart.

Sit by the window

When exposed to sunlight, the body no longer produces melatonin (the hormone that causes drowsiness) and receives a signal that it is time to start acting. The sun makes the body believe that it should be awake, even if you feel tired. If possible: take a walk on the street or take a seat closer to the window.

Cool off

If it is not possible to take a contrast shower, place the inside of the wrist under cold water – the skin is thin there, so the blood gets cooled easily, which instantly refreshes and invigorates.

Don’t eat sugar

The day after a sleepless night, try to eat the foods low in carbohydrates, but with proteins and fats (eggs, fish, beans, nuts). In this situation, sugar will not save you: as in the case of energy drinks, it gives a quick impulse – as soon as it disappears, you will feel even weaker than before.

Do some gymnastics

10 minutes of gymnastics or walking is enough to turn on the vascular system, which stimulates blood microcirculation. This will not allow you to drop off or feel tired.

Take an uncomfortable position

An uncomfortable position on a chair or in an armchair will remind you of discomfort, so you will forget about sleep.

As soon as you wake up, immediately start revising action plans for the coming day. Remember what you need to do, where to drop in and what to solve. The activity of the brain helps to get rid of the remnants of the sleep hormone. Resist the urge to take a nap.

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