10 Smart Tricks for Dieters


Here are some small tricks for those on a diet. And some generally useful tips for those who do not want to overeat.

  1. Be sure to eat up all the apple seeds. The grains of a single apple contain daily intake of iodine. It inhibits the urge to eat.
  2. Hunger can be restrained with the help of self-massage: press the area between the nose and upper lip with the pad of the middle finger for a few minutes.
  3. Half a cup of fresh parsley broth will make you forget about eating for two hours. Rinsing the mouth with mint water produces the same effect: take a bunch of mint for a glass of water.
  4. An infusion of figs and plums is an excellent way to cheat appetite. Pour 3 liters of water in 0.5 kg of figs and plums and boil it until the liquid is evaporated to 2.5 liters. Drink half a glass together with fruit before a meal.
  5. If you drink a glass of tomato juice or mineral water before meal, the servings needed to get rid of hunger will reduce by one third.
  6. This exercise will help you forget about food for at least an hour: stand in front of an open window with your legs shoulder-width apart and the hands up overhead, and make 10 very deep breaths.
  7. If you really want to eat, chew a spoonful of fat-free dry milk.
  8. Never refuse having breakfast. It is the breakfast that stirs metabolism and helps burn fat. It is very useful to have cereals for breakfast: they are slowly digested, and the feeling of satiety will stay for a long time. Cereals are rich in vitamin B, which prevents fat accumulation in organs and water retention in the body.
  9. For dinner, it is better to eat vegetables with a piece of meat or fish. During sleep, amino acids that are found in meat activate the hormones that burn fat. Fish is rich in calcium, which is best absorbed in the evening. Recent experiments have shown that the lack of calcium in the body contributes to fat deposits.
  10. You can eat more when you stand. Never eat standing. Chew food slowly and thoroughly. Get up from the table with a sense of light hunger. A short walk after a meal, even for ten minutes, adds the sense of satiety.

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