10 Things Causing Cellulite


Cellulite can happen to any model, celebrity or ordinary woman. However, do not think that you know all the reasons that lead to the emergence of the “orange peel”.

1. Diet

The so-called crash diet, which leads to rapid weight loss, not only fails to eliminate cellulite, but also makes it more noticeable. Such a diet usually lacks protein, which causes fluid retention. In addition, weight loss and gain violates skin elasticity.

2. Stress

Severe stress does not lead to weight loss, because due to it, the body produces cortisol, urging the body to store fat under the skin. That can cause cellulite.

3. Smoking

Cigarette smoke weakens and destroys the formation of the connective tissue beneath the skin, which facilitates the process of its damage. It becomes easier for fat to penetrate there. Smoking is also bad for blood circulation, which enhances cellulite.

4. Painkillers

Again, water retention is a side effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

5. Liposuction

In case of severe cellulite, removing excess fat seems to be the right thing. In fact, after liposuction, fat is distributed even more unequally under the skin, making it more noticeable.

6. Leg crossing

This position violates blood circulation in the lower limbs causing fluid retention and enhancement of cellulite.

7. Sunburns

The sun ages the skin faster and makes cellulite more noticeable. Sunrays trigger a reaction in which free radicals weaken the skin cells and the connective tissue.

8. Cardio

Regular jogging worsens cellulite and makes buttocks contours unattractive, unless cardio workouts are combined with stretching.

9. Corrective tights

The ironic thing is that this kind of underwear is designed to smooth rough skin, but in fact it only makes cellulite more noticeable, as severe pressure violates blood circulation.

10. Allergies

Allergic reactions make the body release histamines that increase fluid retention.

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