Body Beauty Tips for Women


Do you think you have tried everything? Try these body beauty tips, and you will enjoy the result.


Every morning, try to massage the body with a brush or a special glove, dipped in cold water. Perform this procedure for 5 minutes. It will provide exfoliation, body tone, and cheerfulness!

If you need to lose weight, stop eating salt. Arrange salt-free fasting weeks. Excess salt retains fluid in the body, and hence swelling, cellulite and extra pounds appear.
Drink plenty of clean water in the morning.

Go to bed early! During sleep, our brain secretes a hormone, which creates a balance between fat accumulation and fat burning. The maximum of this hormone is produced from 22 pm to 2 am. So those who go to bed at this time longer retain youth and slenderness.

Ultraviolet is not only harmful, but useful, as well! Its absence results in a decreased production of vitamin D and calcium absorption, which leads to fiber and body aging. If you spend not more than 3 minutes per day in a tanning bed, UV rays will not have time to damage the skin, and it will produce useful anti-aging proteins.

Regular exercise increases the number of mitochondria, which supply us with energy. With age, the number of mitochondria decreases, so go in for sports – it keeps you young!

However, you need to know when to stop. Too intense workouts rather do harm to the body. It sees them as stress and produces hormone cortisol stimulating fat accumulation. By the way, black coffee also activates its production.

It is necessary to nourish the skin with omega-3-6-9 acids of plant origin (e.g., evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn oil, etc.). It is good to combine omega-supplements and vitamin C – together they create an easily digestible complex.

The effectiveness of any body product (moisturizing, anti-cellulite, tightening, etc.) can be improved if you use it for wrapping. From time to time, apply it on the skin in a thick layer; wrap the film on top and lie down under covers. The effect will please you!

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