Eating Persimmon Promotes Weight Loss


Due to the properties of persimmon, physicians have ranked this juicy, sweet fruit among the three most effective dietary products. Its medical manifestations are second in strength after citrus. The people who like persimmon can stick to a diet based on it for five days. The experts say this time will be enough to get rid of four or five extra kilos.

Persimmon’s Health Benefits

Persimmon is the source of a large number of vitamins; it is particularly rich in vitamins that belong to group B, as well as vitamin C and PP. Among the trace elements, which are also found in its fruits, doctors single out phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, calcium, and magnesium.

The Persimmon Diet

100 grams of persimmon pulp contain about 65 calories, but because the orange fruit is full of pectin and fiber, a small amount of persimmon can nourish the body for a long time. The diet, which includes persimmon, has been scientifically proved. It has been proved that its use helps normalize lipid metabolism.

When Eating Persimmon?

Due to a mono-diet, which demands eating up to 2 kg of persimmon a day during six days, you can lose up to 5 kilos. However, this type of food is psychologically heavy. It is much easier to eat, if you replace breakfasts, snacks or dinner with persimmon, alternating the days of such changes. For example, use persimmon as the morning meal on the first day and eat it in the evening on the second day, etc.

In addition, you need to drink a large amount of herbal or fruit tea without sugar.

Persimmon Diet #1

  • Breakfast: 1-2 persimmons.
  • Lunch: 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese, an egg.
  • Dinner: 200 g of vegetable stew, tea, or water with a teaspoon of honey.

Persimmon Diet #2

  • Breakfast: 100 g of cooked chicken, preferably chicken breast, coleslaw or a cucumber, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, dried bread, yogurt.
  • Dinner: 1-2 persimmons.

Losing weight on the basis of persimmon is not suitable for the people who suffer from digestive problems, diabetes, or allergies.

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