3 Home Remedies for Sunburns

700-sun-heat-summerCity streets with boiling asphalt resemble hell. It is just an air conditioner or coolness of the seashore that can help you bear the heat. We hope that you are about to enjoy pleasant days on the coast. However, the joy can be complicated by the sunburns caused by an excessively enthusiastic relaxation on the beach. Do not let them spoil your vacation. It is better to discover three effective and low-cost means to quickly restore the skin and continue to have fun.

The result of sunburns can be alleviated literally overnight without special (chemical) creams or not very pleasant kefir, which treats burns in a good way when applied on the skin. All you need is these three low-cost products.

1. Aloe vera


This must be the most popular emollient and totally natural cooling product. Everything is simple: cut a small aloe leaf, make an incision and squeeze it well to get the healing juice and treat the affected area.

Of course, this option is best for those who get sunburns at the beach in their hometown or after an active day outdoors near their summerhouse. Going on a vacation, put a tube of natural aloe vera gel into your road beautician bag. It can easily be found on pharmacy shelves.

2. Coconut oil


The tips are as simple as in the previous case. All you need is 100% coconut oil. Grease the affected areas carefully (the oil may leave traces on the clothes), leave it there and repeat the procedure when necessary. Coconut oil softens and nourishes the skin effectively. Moreover, it protects the skin from new sunburns by blocking UV-radiation.

3. Tea


This is a surprisingly effective way of treating sunburns that costs very little money. The only negative result is that you will have to wash the towel.

You will need:
1. Several tea bags (any tea);
2. A small towel (it is desirable that its color should match the color of tea);
3. A mug or a bowl

Boil very strong tea in the bowl. Let the liquid cool down to room temperature. Take off your clothes, dip a towel in the tea and apply a compress on the burns. Do not rub or wipe. You can just wet the skin lightly. Remove the towel and let the tea remains get absorbed. Do not rinse. It is most preferable to leave the tea for the night and then take a shower in the morning. After 8 hours, the skin condition will improve dramatically.

However, to avoid rushing around the hotel in search of aloe vera or tea bags, it is advisable to learn (and follow!) the rules of safe sun tanning.

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