Ultrasound to Destroy Cancer Cells

The University of Michigan has published an interesting material that explains how ultrasound technology will help destroy cancer tumors shortly.

Instead of surgery, it is planned to use Histotripsy technology, which means sending short-targeted impulses of acoustic energy. As a result, tumor cells are damaged, and stress is caused.

However, this method has not been fully explored. Depending on the tumor’s location, the impulse can influence the nearby tissues, and it is not yet known whether this will somehow affect them.

Now the technology is being actively studied, and successful experiments are being carried out on rats with liver tumors.

As a result of the impact of impulses, even partial destruction of the tumor led to a halt in the disease or the destruction of the remaining tumor.

To date, trials are already underway in Europe and the United States involving human livers infected with cancer.

Given that liver cancer is one of the most common and dangerous forms, I would like these studies to be successful and make life easier for many patients.

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