5 Most Common Reasons for Backache

Back problems appear imperceptibly and at the most inappropriate time. The blame is our typical mistakes that almost everyone makes. We have collected the most common habits that cause pain and prevent your back from staying healthy. Women are especially at risk

1. Women’s handbags

The love for huge bags poses a serious threat to the health of our back. We often carry everything with us, no matter if we need it or not. However, such overload can cause back pain and posture impairment. In order to solve the problem, take only what you really need during the day.

A backpack can become a good alternative – it will straighten the posture and take the weight off your back. If you wear it properly – on two shoulders, having adjusted it properly,  so that it tightly adjoins to the shoulder blades, without dangling on the lower back – the backpack will become a good helper for you and your back.

2. Improperly organized home space

Daily home concerns like dishwashing, cooking lunch or ironing, heavy food bags are merciless to our back. Here, women are at risk again because they usually take up household chores. As a result, back pain, posture disturbances, and related problems are uncommon.

It should be remembered that your home space should be perfectly tailored to you. The height of the table, the sink, the ironing board should be adjusted to your height. Adjustable furniture is perfect for this.

3. Uncomfortable everyday shoes

Fashion dictates us the rules that go against the notions of a healthy back. Fascinated by beautiful high-heeled shoes, women sometimes forget about the direct connection of shoes quality and posture. High heels, just like an absolutely flat sole, cause a great load on the spine. The weight is distributed unevenly, as a result. Such shoes are not suitable for everyday wear.

Choose shoes with a stable heel up to 3-4 cm for every day. Buy sandals and other summer shoes with straps holding the toes and heel firmly.

4. Tight fashionable clothes

Fans of fashion trends who prefer tight clothing also risk getting problems with their back. A pencil skirt, a tight dress, skinny jeans, popular among both women and men now, noticeably restrict freedom of movement and disturb blood circulation. Back muscles get stiff, causing back pain.

An important issue for women is corrective lingerie, which greatly compresses the muscles, disrupting blood circulation in them. When choosing a casual bra, it is necessary to take into account your comfort and health, not just beauty. It is better to choose comfortable underwear, which does not restrict your movements.

5. Sleep

The stiffness of the mattress is really important. It should not be too soft. Choose a moderately stiff one.

Uncomfortable sleep posture, along with a wrong mattress, not only prevents us from sleeping but can also provoke back pain. To prevent this, take care of the proper hygiene of sleep so that your back can have a good rest.

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