6 Symptoms Men Should Not Ignore


Men are known for their skeptical attitude to doctors. However, there are certain symptoms, which in any case should not be ignored.

Excessive or loud snoring

It is often considered a sign of extreme fatigue or intoxication, but in fact, too much snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea – a chronic disorder in which the airways are closed during sleep for a few seconds, which reduces the flow of oxygen to important organs of our body. As a result, they are subjected to additional stress, which makes the heart particularly vulnerable and increases the risk of cardiac insufficiency.

Erectile dysfunction

Although erection problems are often considered a normal consequence of age changes, very often erectile dysfunction is the sign of heart disease. It is therefore important not to switch automatically to Viagra, if you are suddenly faced with such a problem, but to visit an experienced cardiologist and check the performance of the most important muscle in our body.

Shortness of breath, chest pain

Shortness of breath is often a sign of heart disease. Atherosclerotic plaques are accumulated in our arteries, and the heart cannot get enough oxygen to enrich blood. There appear chest pain and trouble breathing, and they cannot be ignored.

Unexplained weight loss

Normal weight fluctuations pose no threat to health, but if you have suddenly lost weight drastically, it could be a sign of cancer, thyroid disease or any dietary deficiency. In this case it is necessary to visit a doctor and be tested.

Frequent urination

This may be the result of diabetes or enlarged prostate.

Black feces

It is the classic symptom of stomach ulcers or colon cancer. When blood is mixed with feces, it becomes black, which indicates bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

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