6 Unexpected Reasons for Yellow Teeth


Most people treat yellow teeth as a reason for frustration and psychological complexes. If you want to avoid this defect, you will need to know the reasons for its occurrence. Here are 6 unexpected reasons that lead to yellow teeth.


A cup of tea looks like an excellent healthy choice, but not for those who care about the color of their teeth. The favorite drink of millions of people contains high concentrations of tannins (a group of phenolic compounds of plant origin) – much more than coffee. It is these substances that cause tooth discoloration.

Soy sauce

Liquids that are dark in color are among the main causes of tooth discoloration. Soy sauce is on top of the list; this sauce contains a pigment that adheres to teeth and leads to the emergence of dark spots.

Balsamic vinegar

This can be an excellent dressing for salads, but it also poses a threat to our teeth. Dark color of this vinegar causes spots, and acid damages tooth enamel because it reduces the pH level in the mouth, which results in tooth demineralization.


This is a wonderful and delicious spice with a rich, intense flavor, which quickly makes your teeth yellow. Although the color of curry is not totally dark, this pigment is still strong enough to cause a change in teeth color.

White wine

Red wine is known to be very beneficial for the heart, but not too good for teeth. The situation with white wine is even worse. In 2009, the scientists from the University of New York found that white wine causes discoloration of the teeth because of the content of tannins and acids that destroy the enamel.


Berries are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that strengthen health. Nevertheless, natural colors and fruit sugar may lead to the fact that your teeth will turn yellow with time. Berries also stick to the tooth enamel, forming a specific film, regardless of whether you eat them, drink as a juice or consume in the form of jam.

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