6 Ways to Protect Your Child from Flu


With the start of the influenza season, children often find themselves in the firing line, as they are most vulnerable to the virus. Here are some simple ways to help protect your kids from the disease.

1. Get a flu shot

This is the first piece of advice given by immunologists and many other doctors. The best thing that can save the child from the flu is being vaccinated. It provides 90 percent protection, as proved by a scientific research.

2. Teach hygiene

Teach your child to wash hands before eating – this is one of the oldest and most proven ways to prevent influenza. Washing hands prevents the transmission of the virus, but it is very important to teach children to wash their hands properly. Show them how to use soap! It is also important to get rid of the habit of touching their face with hands in public. After all, viruses enter the body very quickly through the mucous membranes (nose, mouth).

3. Stay away from public places

Your child is much more at risk of getting the flu in public places. Of course, you cannot save him/her from going to school, but you can prevent the child from going to shopping malls, movie theaters and even using public transport in the period when the probability of influenza is the highest.

4. You must not get sick

According to the Canadian Pediatric Association, children often catch the flu virus from their parents. Try to observe the prevention of influenza, and your child will not pick up the virus. Wash your hands frequently.

5. Moisturize the house

There is a fairly large amount of scientific evidence that the influenza virus is transmitted most often in the areas where the humidity level is low. Therefore, do the wet cleaning of the house as often as possible, use a humidifier.

6. Do exercises

If you want your child not to get sick with influenza virus or quickly defeat it, strengthen his/her immune system with the help of exercises.

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