9 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster


Even if you do not suffer from chronic insomnia, you still may have troubled sleeping from time to time. Here are 9 recipes of falling asleep quickly as prompted by the US experts.

1. Relaxation

A dynamic day that is full of bright events demands large consumption of your energy. Sometimes your body keeps the fighting spirit, even late at night, which prevents you from relaxing and falling asleep. Do it yourself and try to escape from work and other concerns in order to relax. Read a book, or just listen to relaxing music.

2. A warm bath

Taking a warm bath or shower will be useful, even if you do not need to sleep. As soon as you walk out of the bathroom, your body temperature will fall sharply. Such reduction causes drowsiness by slowing the heart rate, digestion and other metabolic processes.

3. Socks

A warm bath is not the only trick. To change the body temperature and the balance between warm and cool conditions, you can wear socks. They dilate blood vessels and contribute to a more intense blood flow, which ensures the optimal temperature for sleep.

4. Exercises

This is not about pushing barbells or running around the house before going to bed. This refers to the exercise called “4-7-8.” Inhale the air for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale it during 8 seconds. Relaxation techniques can change the heart rate and lower the blood pressure – both of these indicators are associated with sleepiness.

5. Do not go to bed if you do not want to sleep

If you do not feel any need for a night rest, going to bed in this condition means providing yourself with a few sleepless hours. Without the state of drowsiness, the body will not calm down. Even 6 hours spent sleeping will be far more enough for rest than spending 9-10 hours turning in bed.

6. Relax during the day

Various relaxation techniques are aimed at the relaxation of muscles and mind; it is necessary to practice them not only in the evening before going to sleep, but also during the day. This will greatly enhance their efficiency and will help you fall asleep faster.

7. Get up from bed

If you toss and turn in bed and cannot fall sleep, constant thinking about it will not help to improve the situation. According to experts, your bed should be linked in your mind exclusively with the state of sleep and sleepiness. Therefore, it is better to get up from bed and try to do something, such as crossword puzzles, knitting, drinking tea or preparing your clothes for the next day. Wait until you feel sleepy again.

8. A clock

When you are constantly looking at the clock, it increases the stress level. Especially when you cannot fall sleep, and every hour spent awake is perceived as a threat to your health. Set the alarm clock at the right time, but turn its front part to the wall. This will help to calm down.

9. Paper and pencil

If different thoughts are raging in your head before going to bed, it is best to represent them on a sheet of paper. Write everything that bothers you and it will help to relieve anxiety. Just do not use the computer for this purpose, as gadgets increase the state of anxiety and energy level, whereas the old familiar paper and pencil have the opposite effect.

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