Cosy Robot Pillow Somnox Helps Fight Insomnia

Did you know that about 30% of people on the planet occasionally suffer from insomnia? Given the crazy pace of the modern life and the informational over-saturation, it is not surprising. However, taking pills to solve the problem is dangerous. Good news is that experts from very different countries offer their remedies against insomnia. For example, there is a special robot pillow, which helps you to fall asleep quickly.

They say that cuddling before bed relaxes you and gets you to sleep. Unless, of course, the object of hugging is snoring loudly. It is not surprising that even adults sometimes fall asleep embracing a Teddy bear or at least a pillow. Armed with this idea, the designers went even further. They developed not just a pillow, but a soft and breathing robot that you want to hug and fall asleep with.

A unique cure for insomnia has recently been introduced at the Design Week in the Netherlands. The Somnox robotic pillow has been designed specifically for a cozy embrace. The device is able to “breathe”. Imitating relaxed rhythmic breathing, Somnox literally lulls the user. It is a high-tech relaxant with a slightly hypnotic effect.

With the help of built-in sensors, Somnox reads the user’s breathing pattern and identifies if he or she is asleep, awake or in the transitory state. Depending on the result, it runs its soothing function to normalize the user’s breathing rhythm and help them fall asleep.

However, the robot pillow is not only a good “sleeping pill”. With its built-in Bluetooth speakers, Somnox can play music or your favorite audio book (instead of bedtime stories). Moreover, the device is able to create “artificial dawn” for easy wake-up: as waking time gets closer, it starts glowing softly, enhancing the illumination gradually. It is especially appreciated by those who sleep in a completely dark room with tightly curtained windows.

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