Hot Tea & Coffee Treat Constipation


If you experience severe constipation, try drinking a glass of hot tea or coffee. Experts believe that these drinks help “start” the digestive system once again.

Every person must have encountered such a phenomenon as constipation, when one cannot defecate even at a very strong need. Most people try to treat constipation with laxative drugs, but they have side effects and do not help everyone.

Now, experts recommend hot drinks as a good alternative to drugs. According to gastroenterologist Felice Schnoll-Sussman from Cornell University in the US, such drinks like coffee, tea, or even hot water stimulate the intestines and relieve the symptoms of constipation. These beverages dilate blood vessels, which aids digestion. The doctor’s advice is supported by the results of a study which found that hot drinks really make you want to go to the toilet.

Dr. Schnoll-Sussman adds that warm liquid serves as a vasodilator. It dilates the blood vessels of the digestive system and promotes the blood flow, as well as gastrointestinal motility. Doctors advise marathon runners to drink hot beverages if they want to avoid constipation during the long race. One should not assume that this effect is achieved due to caffeine; decaffeinated coffee also solves the problem of constipation. Just drink a cup of coffee and sit down for a few minutes – this will help you to restore the normal bowel function and relieve nature.

Dr. Schnoll-Sussman also recommends physical activity as a good treatment for constipation. For example, a person can run several times up and down the stairs or just jump. Last year, US researchers found that a good massage sometimes helps in case of severe constipation.

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