Mask Use Tips for Frosty Days

Although it’s already 2021, COVID-19 is still there, and we have to wear masks, sometimes even outside. But how to use your face covering correctly when it’s frosty?

Ideally, one should change their mask more frequently than usually when it’s frosty. Moreover, you should take it off every 30 minutes to avoid skin problems. Wherein wearing the mask outside is only necessary when it’s very crowded and you can’t keep distance to others. In all other cases, it’s much healthier to breathe fresh air.

Changing your face covering regularly is recommended for skin protection, otherwise, it causes a “greenhouse” effect. There appears some condensation because of the difference between the breathing temperature and that of the outside air. But since you can’t get rid of the masks completely, make sure you take good care of your skin.

Before putting on the mask, apply skin cream according to your skin type. Important: your mask should fit snugly against your face.

Reusable cloth face coverings should be treated correctly too. Wash them with any laundry detergent or soap at least daily or when it’s dirty. Dry your face covering in a dryer or hang it. Make sure your mask is completely dry before you wear it. A good idea is to iron your mask before wearing. Thus, it will be completely clean.

If your mask got wet on a frosty day, it might get harder to breathe through it. If possible, take multiple masks with you to change them frequently and store them in a plastic bag until you can wash them.

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