Coffee Myths and Facts

How much do you know about coffee, a popular invigorating drink that regularly energizes us in the morning? Can you distinguish the myths and facts about coffee, its properties, and history from the absolute truth?

Coffee speeds up metabolism

It is believed that coffee drinks can stimulate the metabolic rate or, in other words, increase the number of calories burned by the body.

Answer: it’s true. But we still do not recommend keeping to a coffee diet: coffee affects the body in this way only at the initial stage. If you drink it regularly, you should not expect an accelerated metabolism.

Coffee beans only get a pleasant smell because of intensifying their flavor

You must have noticed packaging of coffee beans with aromas of tropical fruits or popular sweets – for example, chocolate – on the shelves of shops. Unfortunately, such coffee beans cannot be called natural: it is obvious that flavors were added to them during the roasting process.

Answer: this is not true. Coffee beans themselves can have a pleasant aroma, which is formed depending on the type of a coffee tree and its growing conditions. It is also true that if instant coffee smells very pleasant, natural or artificial flavors are added to it.

Coffee slows down age-related skin changes

The fact is that coffee beans contain antioxidants – substances that block the action of free radicals. Therefore, we can combine business with pleasure: drink coffee and rejuvenate.

Answer: it’s true. There are indeed antioxidants in coffee! But if you want to improve your skin condition, we advise you not to drink pure coffee, but use special care cosmetics with its content or make scrubs based on coffee grounds yourself.

The “coffee to go” format appeared thanks to the drivers

At some point in history, people en masse moved to cars. It was by car that they began to get to work and, conversely, return home from work, go shopping and even go on trips. Since the drivers (as well as the passengers) did not want to give up coffee breaks at all, the to-go format was invented and they began to pour coffee into plastic cups, which are convenient to take on trips.

The answer is yes, it’s true. By the way, in 2021 the to-go format celebrates its 57th anniversary!

Coffee is also a favorite drink for a large number of people of different ages. No one doubts this fact!

Decaf does not contain caffeine

If you cannot deny yourself the pleasure of drinking a cup of coffee, but at the same time, for certain reasons, you are advised to avoid caffeine in drinks, the so-called decaf would be the best option.

Answer: this is not true. Decaf can really be drunk, including for people with cardiovascular diseases, but caffeine is still present in the drink. It’s just that its level reaches no more than three percent.

Coffee can trigger insomnia

That is why it is not recommended to drink coffee before bedtime. Just 1-2 cups of your favorite drink – and you will have a sleepless night. By the way, coffee with milk is no exception: let cappuccino and latte also wait until morning.

Answer: This is not true. Drinks with caffeine (coffee or, for example, cola) are endowed with an invigorating effect, and on average it can last no longer than 3 hours. However, this effect will not be strong enough to keep you awake (except for people with a sensitivity to caffeine).

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