Myths about Breast Implants

The more popular breast correction becomes, the more legends are connected with it. Let’s figure out where the truth is, and where urban legends take root.

Implants can be removed by yourself

Tony Rossington, a resident of the English town of Skegness, shocked the world by the fact that she had independently removed her breast implants at home without the help of surgeons. After that, women often asked specialists about such a possibility.

Here is the answer: surgeons are still confident that it is impossible to carry out such manipulation without medical education. The implant is quite large, so the cut needed to remove it must be much bigger than the one made during the initial surgery. In addition, one needs basic knowledge of anatomy and professional skills: a person unfamiliar with surgery cannot figure out which arteries must be avoided for fear of profuse bleeding.

Implants can explode during the flight

The implant shell can indeed be damaged in rare cases, but the viscous gel contained inside it always retains its properties, including the airplane – when the atmospheric pressure changes. If the implant is really damaged, the gel does not pour out of it, and the woman will not even notice anything (and her body too).

Implants cause cancer

In the US, many years ago, there was a moratorium on silicone implants – during the study of this topic. For 10 years, scientists had been analyzing the risk of developing breast cancer in women with and without endoprostheses. As a result, the studies showed that the implants had no effect on the appearance of breast cancer.

The women with implants are even more attentive to their health, and in cases of the slightest discomfort, they immediately go to the doctor, which allows detecting any pathology in the early stages in time.

Breasts with implants get saggy faster

This is partly true. One of the main causes of the loss of breast shape is gravity. The larger the object, the stronger it is affected by gravity. Accordingly, the earth’s gravity will pull breasts down. Undoubtedly, the implant adds weight to the breast. In addition to the elementary laws of physics, there are other factors that affect the bust. One of them is the extensibility of tissues. That is, the tighter the skin, the more likely it is to resist sagging longer.

Silicone breasts are easy to recognize

It all depends on how breasts are made. If a slender, fragile girl augments her breast to the sixth size, it will really be noticeable. If the shape of the breast is selected in proportion to the patient’s figure, the surgery is conducted by a high-level professional, and the scars are invisible, then most men will never guess that their partner’s breast has been augmented. Everything depends on the type of implants (they are chosen depending on the initial shape of the patient’s bust and her wishes): the anatomical shape looks more natural than the round one.

After mammoplasty, breastfeeding is not possible

When the implant is installed, the breast is not injured, the incision passes along its edge, without affecting lactation. Therefore, you can breastfeed your baby after mammoplasty, and it’s absolutely safe.

After augmentation, the breast loses sensitivity

The sensitivity of the nipple or skin of the breast may decrease slightly – within a couple of weeks after the surgery (this is associated with edema and slight nerve congestion). But after the rehabilitation period, all the previous sensations will return.

Every ten years, the implants need to be changed

In the annotation to implants, there are no clear guidelines concerning this case, so surgeons are guided by the wishes of their clients and the state of their health. At the same time, if a large implant is replaced with a smaller one (as Victoria Beckham did), the scars will remain on the skin. The surgery aimed at reducing the size of the breast always leaves traces on the skin. In this case, by the way, you cannot breastfeed the baby. During the surgery, important lactation ducts are affected.

Implants do not cause health problems

In some cases, the formation of a fibrous membrane around the implant is possible – this is a natural reaction of the body to the appearance of an alien object in it. The implant contracts and can explode, while the appearance of the breast itself deteriorates. In this case, you need to contact your surgeon immediately.

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