Weight Loss Injections That Lasts 60 Days

Obese people infected with SARS-CoV-2 are 74% more likely to need intensive care and 48% more likely to die than the people with normal weight. In this regard, the fight against obesity, in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, is becoming increasingly important today.

Of course, it’s not only about COVID because obesity affects many body processes in the worst possible way, and also significantly worsens the quality of human life.

American scientists have created long-acting antibodies BFKB8488A, the injection of which accelerates metabolism for 60 days and allows you to effectively reduce body weight.

The activity of the identified hormone-mimicking antibody, which ensures a good metabolism and increases energy expenditure, was tested in clinical trials on 60 volunteers.

The participants in the experiment were divided into two groups. The first group of volunteers received one injection of the detected antibody, and the other received a placebo. Throughout the test, all patients received a balanced, identical diet. As a result, the people who received the BFKB8488A injection lost 1.2 kg in body weight, while the volunteers who received the neutral medication lost only 0.28 kg.

It is noteworthy that the subjects who were injected with the new antibody lost interest in sweet foods, and a week later a decrease in the need for carbohydrates was noted.

While there is no information about the side effects, we hope that very soon the “injection of thinness” (and health) will be available to many.

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