Why Fruit & Veggie Facials Are Bad for Your Skin

Many of us still make masks of fruit and vegetables in an old-fashioned way. Why don’t these beauty procedures have the long-awaited effect and why can they be dangerous?

Cucumber circles for skin vibrancy, mashed raw potatoes for whitening and puffiness elimination… Do you still believe that such methods really work? Why not entrust your beauty to fruit and vegetable masks?

Low efficiency

Whatever is written on the Internet about magic masks made of fresh cucumber, watermelon, strawberry or banana, they will not help you get rid of wrinkles and age spots or get some facelift – even if you apply them twice a day. The only effect that can be obtained from such products is a slight moistening of the upper epidermis layer.

Why do fruit and vegetable masks not work? Everything is simple: your skin is a powerful barrier between the environment and yourself. Its tasks include protection, in particular from the intrusion of any substances. No matter how many vitamins and microelements are contained in vegetables and fruit, when applying them in masks you will not get a significant effect.

But what about fruit acids used in cosmetology? Indeed, they are applied, yet in a more concentrated form and are often administered subcutaneously, for example, as injections for mesotherapy. If a strawberry mask really rejuvenated, why would women all over the world resort to the help of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, spending a lot of money on them? They would simply put a “fruit salad” on their faces and look as if they had gone through a comprehensive rejuvenation yesterday.

High allergenicity

Absorbed by home personal care, you need to understand that absolutely all vegetables and fruit can cause an allergic reaction. Especially if your skin is dry and sensitive. But even with normal skin, irritation and redness of the epidermis can occur. For example, a tomato mask can produce such a side effect, though, according to Internet “experts”, it is supposed to have a lifting and whitening effect. In fact, vegetables contain acid which can cause redness and even burn the upper layer of the epidermis.

It is especially dangerous to apply homemade masks on oily or problem-prone skin since it is often sensitive as well. Having such skin features, it is better not to self-medicate, but to coordinate care procedures (including home care) with a specialist, otherwise the number of problems can increase.

Pigmentation intensification

Hyperpigmentation is one of those skin problems which are very difficult to get rid of. Having at least one pigmented spot on the face is a good reason to consult a dermatologist. The first reason is that the problem is caused, as a rule, by some internal body malfunctions (hormonal disorders, chronic diseases or specialists` advice neglect). No home whitening masks containing lemon juice can help get rid of hyperpigmentation; on the contrary, they can further worsen the skin condition.

Instead of fruit and vegetable masks, use special whitening cosmetics which, in combination with taking biological products and cosmetic procedures aimed at lightening age spots and melanocytes function control, will give an excellent result. Besides, in any weather, do not leave home without an SPF protection cream.

Poor quality of fruit and vegetables

As mentioned above, the effectiveness of homemade fruit and vegetables masks has not been proven, while getting various complications could not be any easier. If these arguments do not matter, think about the quality of fruit and vegetables that are on sale in our stores today. By and large, we do not really know where the watermelons, melons, potatoes, and tomatoes come from. What are they “stuffed” with before selling?

Pay attention to how these same cucumbers look in the cold season in Fruit and Vegetables department of any hypermarket: it is scary to pick them up, let alone putting them on your face! Surely, it is good to have grown them yourself in an own vegetable garden. But if you have bought them in the winter in a nearby store, do you have any guarantee that they contain at least some vitamins?

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