30-Minute Sleep Deprivation Harms Your Health


Science has received evidence that even a seemingly minor half-hour lack of sleep can cause problems in the body that lead to the development of serious diseases. It was found that 30-minute lack of sleep threatens the formation of insulin resistance and obesity.

The relationship between regular half-hour lack of sleep, obesity and blood sugar levels was revealed by Professor Shakhrad Taheri from Weill Cornell Medical College, Doha. His experiments involved 522 volunteers, who had recently been diagnosed with diabetes type 2. During the experiment conducted by the professor, the participants, who had been deprived of 30-minute sleep during a week, gained weight in contrast to those who slept as usual – the people’s nutrition was the same.

The people who do not sleep enough are 72% more likely to suffer from excess weight. Such a conclusion was reached by the Arabic scholar.

His work shows that if a small lack of sleep becomes a common practice the risk of seriously undermining health becomes particularly noticeable. According to the scientist, after six months of regular sleep deprivation the likelihood of obesity and insulin resistance emergence significantly increases. According to Professor Shakhrad Taheri, after a year the risk of such diseases is increased by 17 percent and 39 percent respectively.

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