Drinking Alcohol Separately Leads to Domestic Violence


The scientists from the U.S. have published a research in the Addiction journal. Domestic violence is often associated not only with the consumption of alcohol in large quantities, but with where and how alcohol is drunk by the spouses or partners.

The employees of Prevention Research Center in California and Arizona State University surveyed more than 1.5 thousand pairs in California, collecting the information on the conditions of alcohol addiction: in restaurants, bars, at parties at someone’s house, in the evening at home, with friends in their homes, in a park or any other public place. The scientists have found that male aggression against women increased if both partners used to drink at a bar or at a party outside the house. At the same time, women’s violence was more frequent when their husband had a habit of drinking a few wineglasses on a quiet evening at home.

The authors suggest that the fact of alcohol consumption and different circumstances in which the partner’s aggression can be exposed should be paid attention to in order to deal with the cases of domestic violence.

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