How to Prevent a Hangover?

There’s no earthly reason why you shouldn’t have gone to that party. So you did. It was great, just as you had expected, but there were good drinks, and you had one too many (or two). We heard that a quarter of all people have the magnificent ability to be immune to morning-after, but somehow there are no such people in our company. Unfortunately, we know that the hangover is sure to strike. Can we do something to alleviate it or even prevent it from coming? Yes, we can.

Games in bed

Once you are back home, if you can get in the right mood, go to bed and enjoy some naughty games with your partner – this way you will tune your body to different sensations and lessen the effect of the drink.


Excessive intake of strong drinks is known to down the body’s reserves of a number of vitamins. Your body will consequently feel better if you take several multivitamins replenishing your vitamin store before you set out and let yourself go.

How do people from different dountries deal with hangover?

Go slow

Don’t down the glass mindlessly, keep an account of how much you drink. If you want to have no ill effects on the morning after, confine yourself to one drink in an hour: with most people it is the rate at which the body assimilates alcohol easily without adverse reaction.

Open air

Go outside to take deep breaths: oxygen will enliven metabolism, and alcohol will be processed faster, allowing you more energy for the morning. If you feel up to doing a few exercises and thus generate more endorphins, it will help you diminish the hangover onset even better.

Make electrolytes work

Another way of managing a hangover is through rehydration salts that are generally used to treat dehydration from diarrhea; the same process is involved in this case. Alcohol makes your body lose fluids, which leads to a parched throat later, and the sachets charged with a quantity of electrolytes will prevent the resulting dehydration.

When you are ready to call it a day, put one sachet in a glass of water, stir and drink, and repeat it first thing in the morning. Or, if you don’t have rehydration salts at hand, use an isotonic sports drink for that purpose.

Use chasers

Once you are into the revelry, the good idea is for you to keep yourself hydrated – if you succeed in it, you will take the edge of your hangover. Employ the chaser trick: follow a glass of alcohol with a glassful of water, thereby avoiding the effects of dehydration and helping your body tide the attack of the hangover more easily.

Fill your stomach

The effect of strong drinks will be noticeably diminished if you treat yourself to a hearty meal before going out. When you are full, alcohol won’t hit you hard, because food puts down the level of acetaldehyde believed to be one of the main agents responsible for hangovers.

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