Madison Patch That Heals with Electric Pulse

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have presented Madison, a new wound patch that cures injuries with the help of electric impulses generated by human movements. The invention significantly reduces healing time. According to the researchers, the wound healing rate has increased so much that they themselves were amazed. Tests showed that it took only three days instead of the usual two weeks for the wound to heal.

We are talking about a small fabric patch with built-in nanogenerators and electrodes. The patch is extremely simple. It receives energy from the human body during movement. The device generates weak electrical pulses that stimulate the wounded area without damaging it (burns and other side effects of electricity are excluded). This accelerates tissue regeneration, and the time required for healing is drastically reduced. Another undoubted advantage of Madison over similar analogs is its size. It is unbelievably small since it does not require an external source of energy and wires.

Currently, researchers are still conducting laboratory tests. They are preparing their development for clinical trials.

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