Remote Brain Surgery Made Possible

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is creating a useful new device for neurosurgeons.

In fact, this is a robotic arm with a magnet on the wrist, controlled from a special joystick.

Using a magnet, the surgeon controls a special wire that removes blood clots in the patient’s brain through the arteries and blood vessels.

Of course, some difficulties still remain. The whole process still has to be controlled by a person both with their hands and relying on the image, but the new development allows you to do the surgery remotely.

Why is this development useful? The surgeon may be far away, and there is very little time to perform the surgery after the patient has had a stroke.

With the help of this invention, the doctor will be able to perform the surgery from almost anywhere in the world.

Besides, the novelty is easy to learn. While testing the robotic arm, MIT engineers were able to train neurosurgeons to handle it in just an hour.

Why is it important? Because there are few really cool neurosurgeons capable of such operations, and they usually all work in large city hospitals.

The novelty will allow doctors to perform surgery in any hospital. At the same time, there are pluses for patients – any movement can be dangerous for them, and therefore they will be able to stay in the hospital without having to move to another city or region.

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