This Robotic 3D-Bioprinter Heals Gastric Wounds from the Inside

Chinese scientists have created a prototype of a device, which is capable of revolutionizing the treatment of human’s internal organs diseases. The new concept has been tested in the healing of gastric wounds from the inside using 3D-bioprinting.

The innovative device mounts onto a traditional endoscope and is inserted into the patient’s stomach. The Robotic 3D-Bioprinter is folded, when inserted into the body that prevents injuries, while passing to the stomach. Getting into the “working area”, the device, based on a rigid frame, opens and begins to print tissue to replace damaged areas with the use of manipulator.

Two types of hydrogel inks are used as a base material for newly created fabrics. One type of ink contains cells of the epithelium of the human stomach, and the second type of ink has cells of human smooth muscles. As a result, a framework is created on the walls of the stomach isolating the affected areas.

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