Xiao Yi Medical Doctor Robot from China

This news may upset the people who have chosen a medical job. In China, a robot has successfully passed the state exam for a doctor’s license for the first time ever. Soon, it will receive the official document, which will enable Xiao Yi to begin medical practice in March 2018.

It took the Chinese robot a year and a half to prepare for the exam. To do this, the iron student needed to study more than 60 manuals and books on medicine, which specialists of Beijing University introduced into its internal memory. On the appointed day, Xiao Yi managed to score 465 points out of 600, reporting to ten examiners for 60 minutes, while the time limit for this task was 10 hours. However, the artificial intelligence failed to break the human record of 553 points. The robot displayed excellent abilities in making decisions about the diagnosis.

The developers admit that the robot cannot yet approach the level of a highly qualified specialist. Under the existing circumstances, Xiao Yi was created to help doctors rather than to replace them. This “piece of iron” will so far act only as a walking and talking encyclopedia.

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