6 Home Remedies for Pigment Spots


Melanocytes are the cells responsible for human skin pigmentation. Sometimes they produce excessive amounts of melanin, which causes pigment spots. Here are the 6 effective tools that will help to lighten the skin.

1. Yeast mask


Mix the yeast (15-20 g) with freshly squeezed lemon juice (1.5 teaspoons). Apply the mask, keep for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. After the yeast mask, apply some nourishing cream.

2. Cucumber paste


Rub the cucumber on a fine grater and apply on the areas with pigment spots, keep for 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure three times in a row.

3. Lemon juice


Dilute lemon juice with water (1:10) and wipe the dark spots with this solution 2 times a day.

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4. Bell pepper


Rub the bell peppers on a fine grater and apply on the face. Leave for half an hour, remove the mask, and apply a good nourishing cream.

5. Banana water


Take the peel of a large banana and finely chop it. Pour in 250 ml of boiling water and leave to cool. Strain, pour into ice molds and put into the freezer. Wipe the face and other parts of the body after sleep with these ice cubes.

6. Sour milk or yogurt


Apply any of the above-mentioned fermented milk products and leave for 15 minutes. Remove the mask with a cotton pad, after moistening it in lemon juice or lime blossom infusion.

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