Great Tips for Treating Hair Loss in Men


We all have our fears. Some of them are related to appearance. To be more specific, many of them are related to appearance. Someone is afraid to gain extra kilos, others are worried about wrinkles or the length of their limbs. However, there is one phobia typical of most men – the fear of baldness. Unfortunately, we cannot fool nature and genetics. But beauticians are trying hard to. For example, there is a new increasingly popular procedure – micro tattoo that imitates… hair.


Did you know that over 2000 hairs grow in one square centimeter of the scalp? And when their number starts to decline rapidly and significantly, it cannot but cause anxiety. No wonder alopecia is one of the main fears of the modern man.



There are not many solutions, but there are some. With varying degrees of effectiveness, from questionable shampoos to radical hair transplants. Recently, the number of such procedures has increased – now, thousands of men are getting tattoos. Not common tattoos, but microscopic ones, located in a very unusual place – on the scalp. Even fashion magazines write about micro tattoos as a new panacea for those losing their hair.


The essence of the procedure is not very different from usual tattoos or the now popular cosmetic procedure of eyebrow microblading. The pigment is introduced into the scalp (its shallow layers) with a fine needle.



In fact, a tattoo master makes tattoos shaped as small dots imitating stubble – young germinating hair. So, after an average of 3 procedures that are hardly pleasant and last about 3-5 hours each, the customer receives a stylish effect of a freshly shaven skull.


Of course, micro tattoo will not return the unruly hair, but the procedure can help hide receding hair or adjust your hairline. However, you will have to constantly shave your head.

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