Hair Damage Injuries for Which You Can File for Compensation

Beauty has been a thriving industry for years, and for good reason: we all possess the innate urge to look our very best. This is why we spend a great deal of time and money on beauty products and the specialists in the business. With a market that is ever-growing, in which both the demand and supply are always high, it’s easy to overlook the lack of regulation within this particular industry. In spite or because of this fact, mistakes can happen and often lead to undesirable and damaging effects.

One such area that we usually invest in is our hair. It seems rather simple but not unlike any other profession, a certain degree of both expertise and experience is imperative to get it done right, as well as the right equipment. Problems can occur when one or the other is lacking.


Burns in the beauty and health industry can occur in two ways: chemical or thermal. The former, as the name suggests, is primarily caused by certain chemicals that were either applied incorrectly or weren’t the right substances that should have been used. The latter on the other hand can be triggered by the flawed equipment or by its imprecise use. Injuries that result can vary, ranging from short-term physical pain to more serious deep burning, which will require immediate medical attention. Worst case scenarios may even include major procedures like skin grafting to be done and hair damage claims to be pursued.


Contact dermatitis or simply dermatitis for short usually happens when specific substances that our bodies may not agree with come in contact with each another. A lot of beauty products may contain within them certain chemicals that can be allergens or irritants to certain people. Not unlike the abovementioned burns, injuries may also vary. Minor injuries can be as simple as skin redness but serious issues can spread past the patches of skin that the substance has been in contact with.

How to proceed

First and foremost, if you suffer from these types of injuries its best to seek medical attention immediately. You won’t know exactly how serious the injury is without the trained eyes of an experienced medical practitioner. Your health and physical well-being should always take precedence over anything else.

Once you’ve ensured your safety, the next step involves seeking a capable solicitor in the field. There are many who specialise in the beauty and health industry, and a quick search online should yield a lot of results. Even with the lack of regulation in the industry, compensation is certainly a possibility. There are many factors that may come in to play such as the short or long-term effects of the injury as well as how serious the damage is. Whatever the case may be, it’s best left in the hands of a legal professional.

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