Startup dNovo: Human Hair to Be Grown on Mice

Researchers at medical startup dNovo have reported successful developing hair transplant technology by growing human hair cells in mice. As a result of the experiments, a rather terrifying sight of a hairy donor mouse was obtained, proving the limitless possibilities of modern genetics.

Human stem cells are involved in the process of hair formation. The loss of hair follicles leads to permanent hair loss and baldness. dNovo scientists claim to have developed a technology to produce follicle-forming stem cells by genetically modifying other cells, such as normal skin cells. This approach will help humanity to successfully fight baldness.

Meanwhile, prior to the commercial use of dNovo technology, scientists will have to go through a series of clinical trials and tests, and balding people must be patient. It is not the first time mice can help people. Previously, scientists have tested an appetite suppressant technique on animals that will help humanity fight obesity. As a result of the experiment, the mice “lost” up to 25% of the mass.

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