How to Keep Your Hair Cleaner Longer?

A couple of centuries ago, healthy hair was a sign of a worthy person and demonstrated one’s overall well-being. Time has changed, but not in this respect: when your hair is lush and bright – it still means that you are full of strength and energy. Each person has different hair types, which means that care must be different. Someone washes their hair once a week, someone prefers daily procedures, but the main thing is that such care should suit you. In addition, there are several ways to keep the hair clean as long as possible, and this does not require any large financial investment.

1. Change the water temperature

Few people pay attention to temperature when washing hair. In winter, you want to heat your bathroom properly, and in summer you usually take a refreshing shower. Remember that hot water opens the cuticle in your hair and cold water seals it, and choose the temperature for your hair type: for example, greasy hair must be washed in warm water.

2. Choose the right shampoo

Do not give in to the desire to buy a remedy for all types of hair, however famous this brand is. For each type of hair there is a special shampoo: dry hair needs serious care and softening, whereas greasy hair needs excessive oils to be washed regularly from it. To maintain the brightness of dyed hair curls, you need deep cleansing of each hair.

3. Do not rush

Before applying the shampoo on your hair, pour it on your hand and mix it with warm water. Use very little shampoo, just about the size of a coin. Apply it on the hair with circular movements only after it starts to change the texture.

4. Take more time to rinse your hair

You need to spend much more time rinsing your hair than washing it with shampoo. It is extremely important that no shampoo remains on the hair because this will result in the curls losing their shine. In addition, dried hair products can cause irritation, allergies and even dandruff.

5. Seal the texture

Keep moisture inside each hair with a good conditioner. Be sure to add it to your usual beauty routine and rinse your hair with cold water after washing.

6. Get ready for training in advance

If your hair is prone to getting greasy, it is advisable to use dry shampoo before the start of intensive training, which will help absorb sweat. But after the session, it is absolutely useless to apply dry shampoo.

7. Plan your hairstyles

Instead of going to work every day with the same hairdo, choose different hairstyles. Lush hair on Monday, loose hair on Tuesday, high tail hairstyle on Wednesday. If you want to add volume, just collect your hair and let it loose before going out. Change the parting. By the way, “raised” hair always looks visually cleaner, so try the products adding volume at the roots.

8. Watch for pillowcases

When you come home after a long day, all you want is a good sleep. But pay attention to whether your pillow is ready to meet with the hair. Wash it at least twice a week to prevent bacteria from spreading. Also, you can choose a special satin pillow, especially if you have dry hair – satin retains moisture and does not absorb it.

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