Salt & Sugar for Beauty

Sugar is bad for teeth and body – that is a fact. However, sugar is useful for skin! Excessive salt consumption provokes swelling, but salt, used externally, helps to remove these swellings. Let us not refuse the harmful!

Change Your Attitude to Salt & Sugar

It is time to change your habits. Reduce sugar and salt in your diet, and send those familiar products onto the shelf of your bathroom – and they will definitely benefit the body. Sugar and salt can do something that is difficult to achieve using cosmetics: improve skin tone, enhance regeneration and blood circulation, strengthen nails, relieve swelling, eliminate cellulite, get rid of unwanted hair, and… kilos. Don’t you believe? Check it out.

Which Kinds of Salt & Sugar Are Used in Cosmetics?

Pay attention to the products’ quality: sugar does not have to be refined, white and fine-grained, prefer brown cane sugar. And you need not the regular table salt, but sea salt of fine and medium grinding.

Brown Sugar Peeling Effects

Brown sugar is less soluble in water, so it is ideal for peelings. It is useful because it contains various skin elements: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B6; it moisturizes skin and stimulates regeneration.

Sea Salt Peeling Reduces Cellulite

Sea salt removes excess fluid from the tissues, reduces cellulite, and strengthens nails. Minerals contained in the salt not only have a beneficial effect on the skin’s look but also reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

Sugar Baths

In the stores today, you can find many varieties of bath sugar, but you can make such yourself as well. Very useful is the bath with 5 tablespoons of powdered milk, 5 tablespoons of brown sugar and 5 drops of sweet orange oil, vanilla, or honey. This bath can produce a good moisturizing and lifting effect and give real pleasure.

Salt Baths

Salt baths tone the skin and help to lose weight due to the drainage effect. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a magical effect, but a couple of pounds per month is quite real. Mix 300 grams of salt and 200 grams of soda in water at 36-37 degrees, take a bath for no more than 10 minutes 3-4 times a week. After the procedure, it is not necessary to take a shower – rub yourself with a towel, cover your body with a blanket and lie down for half an hour.

Sugar Paste for Hair Removal

It is very reasonable to do depilation after a bath, because hot skin is not so sensitive to pain. Sugar helps to remove unwanted hair on the legs and arms. A simple recipe for a hair removal caramel paste is to pour 250 grams of sugar into the pan, add 2 tablespoons of water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, stir, and boil on a small fire for 20-30 minutes. While boiling, constantly stir the mixture. Then leave it to cool (meanwhile you can take a bath), roll a ball from the caramel and start waxing: spread the ball along the hairline, then abruptly remove it against hair growth. The procedure is done until you remove all the unwanted hair. Sugar waxing is very popular in the Arab world, but today, this procedure can be carried out in European beauty salons. Its success is easily explained: burns and allergy are impossible, pain and expenses are minimal, too.

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