Sun Creams Slow Down Skin Aging

Sun creams protect the skin not only from solar radiation, but from aging as well. The experts from Australia claim that constant use of sunscreens will not only protect against cancer and burns, but will also slow down skin aging.

The scientists have been watching 900 participants of the experiment for over four years. Some of them were sunbathing and using sunscreen every day. Then, using microphotography technique, the doctors examined the back side of the participants’ hands. The leader of the study Dr. Adele Green explains that the patterns on the surface of the skin give an idea of ​​the severity of damage caused by the sun in its deeper layers, particularly the elastic fibers and collagen.

The analysis proved that those who regularly used sunscreen demonstrated the signs of skin aging at least 24 percent less often. According to Dr. Green, it proves that sunscreen is a medical and cosmetic value.

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