9 Reasons to See a Cardiologist

Heart diseases continue to dominate the list of the most common problems, and women in some countries have already surpassed men in the number of heart diseases. Even though it is possible to restore a broken heart after parting, it is very difficult to cure one of the main human organs. The main thing is efficiency, so today we will tell you what alarm bells indicate the need to make an appointment with a cardiologist.

Chest pain of any nature

In case of any painful sensation in the area of the heart, one should make an appointment with a cardiologist as soon as possible. It is worth noting that heart pain, as a rule, occurs behind the sternum during or after physical or emotional stress. It causes unpleasant sensations in the left arm, shoulder, and lower jaw. Any painful sensations in the heart area is a clear reason to consult a specialist.

Shortness of breath and trouble breathing

These are not only symptoms of Covid-19, but also a reason to pay close attention to the state of heart health. We used to climb quickly and easily to the fifth floor, but now it’s hard to cover even three floors without stopping? Do you wake up at night from shortness of breath or can’t catch your breath after a workout?

A feeling of shortage of air and a feeling of inadequate inhalation can occur for many reasons – there are more than 20 of them. Only a doctor will be able to establish yours and prescribe the correct examination during an appointment.

Pressure fluctuations

Many people understand that 140/90 is hypertension, but even people with 130/80 blood pressure are at risk. They need to regularly consult a cardiologist to check if there are additional factors for the development of hypertension.

Low blood pressure is also not harmless. Some people feel perfectly normal, but if your health suffers at a pressure of 100/70 or 90/60, this is another reason to consult a doctor for advice (read also: “It’s time to think: what is the reason for low blood pressure”).

Headaches, dizziness and fainting

With these symptoms, they usually go to a neurologist first. If the doctor does not find any violations and does not help with treatment, the reason is most likely in the cardiovascular system.

Double signals are fainting and light-headedness during and after sports or other physical activity.

Interruptions in the work of the heart, pulse disturbances

Too frequent and too infrequent heartbeats are the extremes that require a visit to a cardiologist. Many people feel that the heart rhythms are disturbed and that the heart “turns over” inside.

Regardless of how it feels, there may be a lot of reasons, even not related to the heart, but the cardiologist will prescribe a comprehensive treatment to identify the cause and, if necessary, refer to the right specialist.

High cholesterol

This includes other abnormal indicators of the expanded lipid profile. Yes, high total cholesterol is not enough, so you need to know the lipid profile completely. It often happens that total cholesterol is just normal, and LDL is high, and these are already certain cardiovascular risks.

In order for even the first appointment with a cardiologist to be effective due to high cholesterol, Doppler ultrasound of the neck vessels can be done in advance. ⠀

ECG changes

As soon as you are notified of the changes in the ECG, contact your cardiologist to explain what requires adjustment and what has changed over time.

Fatigue and poor exercise tolerance

Patients and even some doctors pay little attention to this, because there are so many reasons: stress, vitamin deficiency, and so on. Let’s say you could easily walk some distance before, for example, to work, and recently you have begun to notice that your legs are weakening or there is no strength to walk.

Then it is better to go not to work, but straight to the cardiologist. There may be no pain, no shortness of breath, but the very fact of rapid fatigue, which was not there before, should prompt you to make an appointment with a doctor.


Pay attention to your relatives, ask your loved ones if someone died at a relatively young age. Sudden death from heart disease is common against the background of general well-being in men.

In situations with such relatives, in order to exclude congenital pathologies and prevent all catastrophic risks, you need to consult a cardiologist.

Seeing a cardiologist in time is the best step to quickly avoid negative consequences. Do not search the Internet for what pain in the heart means, and do not ask your friends what medicines to buy.

Only a professional doctor will provide quality assistance in case of illness, but nevertheless, the best solution for protecting the cardiovascular system is prevention and a healthy lifestyle.

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