Office Habits That Are Bad for Your Back

Many body positions quickly become a habit, but not all of them are good for your health. Which ones need to be adjusted right now?

Are you sitting now? And both of your feet are on the floor? Are you standing? Do you lean on one leg or two? We have made a top list of the most harmful working postures that undermine the condition of the spine, musculoskeletal system and the whole body on a daily basis.

To Sit Cross-legged

Don‘t you notice that you are sitting in this position because it is more comfortable for you? It’s time to become more aware and think about your health, because this position provokes dysfunction of the pelvis and organs of this area, and also leads to the formation of blood clots and malfunctions in the nervous system. In this position, nerves and blood vessels are pinched, blood circulation in the extremities worsens. Remember:

Both feet must be supported.

The height of the chair should correspond to the length of the lower leg (it is necessary that the leg rests on the floor).

There should be enough legroom under the table.

Sit up straight without tilting your head or bending your torso so as not to strain your muscles. Always try to reach with the top of your head up.

Warm-up every 15-20 minutes and change the position of your legs.

To Stand on One Leg

Everything in our body is interconnected and interdependent. When the weight of the whole body is transferred to one leg, the entire skeleton is skewed: the pelvis, lower back, shoulders, chest. This can cause asymmetry of the face, sagging skin, swelling, wrinkles.

This is why your other expensive face cream isn’t working – there is a deeper reason. Try to stand exactly on two legs, always mind your position and correct it if necessary.

To Lift Weights the Wrong Way

In order not to injure the spine, follow these rules:

Lift with your legs, not with your back. Try to put your weight on your leg muscles as much as possible to take pressure off your back and lumbar spine.

Keep your back straight, mind your posture – keep your chest and gaze forward, put your shoulders back.

To lift a heavy box, do not bend in half, but squat down, press it against you and lift with your back straight. To go down, bend your legs, sit down, but don‘t use your lower back.

No sudden movements!

Do not lift anything above your shoulders. If you need to lift something high, use a stepladder.

To Wear a Bag on One Side

We often ignore this position of the body, but when we constantly wear a bag on one side, deformation of the cervical and thoracic regions occurs. Do you still think your neck hurts because you have been sitting in a draught? Try to track down and eliminate this bad habit, and you will immediately notice an improvement.

A little tip: buy a backpack. Today, even office workers often choose it so as not to worry about the health of the back.

You hold the phone with your ear and lean over it, moving your neck forward.

Are you reading this article in this position? In the meantime, there is a chest distortion, rounded shoulders, the lower third of the face changes its shape, a double chin and swelling appear.

Imagine how this will affect your appearance in 5-10 years if you do not get rid of this habit. Try to keep your phone at eye level with your back straight, always pay attention to your posture and make it correct.

You sit at the computer, hunched over and moving your neck forward

An adult’s head weighs about 5-7 kg. If you tilt your head forward only 15°, the load on the spine increases to 12 kg, and when tilted to 60° – already 27 kg. Imagine that you are working, and you have an eight-year-old child on your neck. The feeling is not so pleasant.

In addition to the fact that this puts a load on all parts of the spine, you run the risk of ruining your eyesight and having headaches, due to the venous outflow obstruction from the skull and a wrong position of the whole body.

Because of such a pose, the face will age faster and become asymmetrical, the neck will be shortened, the neck hump will grow, the lower jaw will move forward, and a double chin will appear.

You turn around only with your head

You need to look back correctly with a turn of the whole body, including the pelvis. A posture in which only the head is turned can lead to a spinal deformity.

P.S. If bad office habits have already led to back problems be sure to consult a doctor.

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