Back Ache Epidemic?


Three-quarters of the adult population of the planet suffers regular or recurrent back pains. Experts believe that this is due to a sedentary lifestyle.

According to the British Chiropractic Association, a sedentary lifestyle endangers humanity survival, as it provokes an epidemic of back pain. Today, people are more likely to sit in front of a computer at work, then go home and sit on the couch watching TV. All this leads to an insufficient back load.

The study showed that 82% of UK residents spend 6 hours a day in front of a computer screen or TV. The vast majority of people do not load their back with the help of special exercises or even usual walking. 49% of the British adults who participated in the survey said that they spend two to six hours watching TV every day.

Chiropractor Rishi Loatey says the British have become a sedentary nation that spends too much time on the sofa. It does not matter whether you sit in front of a computer at work or in front of the TV at home, or just lie in bed, the effect of modern life affects back health. People need to learn how to sit properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which helps to improve posture and produce a healthy load on spine muscles. This reduces the risk of back and neck pains that bring such discomfort.

77% of respondents said they suffered back or neck pain or had previously experienced it, while 24% of respondents admitted that they had back pain every day.

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