MuTaTo: Is Cancer Cure Finally Found?

A group of researchers from Israel says they were close to discovering a cure for cancer. The work was commented on by Dr. Dan Aridor from AEBi research company. He believes that the team will be able to offer complete healing from the dangerous disease in a year.

Their technique will be effective from the first day. The course duration will be for several weeks. There should be no side effects since the drug kills only malignant cells without affecting the healthy ones. The cost of treatment will be much lower than many other procedures on the market.

MuTaTo, or multi-target toxin, is a multipurpose toxin, which is a technology for breaking down higher order cancer. The drug includes a combination of peptides and toxins, specifically killing cancer cells. Due to the combination of peptides, the final destruction of these cells became possible as well as the prevention of their mutations and the development of drug resistance. MuTaTo treatment will be selected individually. The patient’s biopsy will be taken, and the sample will be used to make a special individual “cocktail”.

Scientists have now completed a research test on mice. They managed to stop the development of cancer cells and avoid side effects for healthy cells. Next, there should be clinical tests involving people. They will last several years rather than one year. However, other researchers are not sure that their results are the most effective, high-quality and multifunctional. Other experts doubt that the Israeli method is universal and effective for all varieties of this disease.

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