Scientists Create Smart Skin

The integration of high technology into the human body continues. Almost on a daily basis, engineers offer more sophisticated gadgets that ensure the unity of electronics and human beings. A very original and simple invention was proposed by the developers of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia). They presented an innovative material – a biocompatible polymer called “smart skin”. Using this invention, the user will be able to control various devices remotely without making contact – via using the magnetic field around the new material.

Technically, “smart skin” is a biopolymer with magnetic particles in the form of the thinnest film that can be glued to the user’s own skin. Approximating the gadget, the smart skin will be able to contact the device through the interaction of magnetic fields. At the first test, the smart skin was placed on the user’s eyelid, while the sensor was installed on the earpiece. As a result, it was possible to record the time when a person’s eyes were open.

Magnetic skin does not need additional power sources, since its own magnetic field is used. This advantage will allow you to replace some of the traditional simplest implants that require constant monitoring of the battery charge level, though not requiring the delivery of complex commands. For example, the user will be able to remotely work with the equipment that is dangerous for direct contact.

In the future, scientists will check how compatible artificial skin is with human skin in case of prolonged “wearing”. The primary functions assigned to the smart skin will include monitoring of a person’s physical condition, use in prosthetics, and identifying a person.

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