Ultrasound and X-Ray Alternatives Created

Studying the “inner world” of a person can become even simpler and more effective after the introduction of a new invention made by the developers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Engineers proposed a technique for obtaining “photographs” of human tissues and organs using laser ultrasound imaging. The main feature of the new technique is the non-contact procedure that does not require direct contact with the skin and body.

Currently, ultrasound is the cheapest and most common way to visualize the structure of the internal structure of the human body. The only drawback of this technique is the need for direct contact with the skin and body of the patient.

The methodology invented by the MIT engineers is based on the use of a laser that creates ultrasonic waves penetrating the human body and being reflected from internal organs and tissues. The technique has become even more convenient and safe. Such a method is especially effective for studying the patients who have received multiple burns of the body surface. In such cases, contact with medical equipment as required by standard ultrasound is not possible.

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