10 Interesting Apple Facts


The apple season is in full swing. These ripe fruit on market stalls grab your attention with a variety of colors. Both children and adults like apples, they are true sources of vitamins and have excellent taste. What else is to know about apples?

The apple is a symbol of life

In many cultures, the apple is associated with health, fertility, youth and love. The Slavs even had a tradition of bringing an apple to the mother of a newborn baby so that it gains vital force. Also, in many tales of the world, you can come across the so-called rejuvenating apples that return youth and beauty.

When you have no appetite


Due to severe stress or hard work we often lose appetite. What to do in this case? Nutritionists recommend eating an apple; the effect is noticeable after 15-20 minutes. The body starts a process invoking appetite. This little trick is useful for young mothers who do not know how to get the baby to eat.

Pure blood

Apples clean the blood of cholesterol and other harmful substances, as well as strengthen blood vessels. Pregnant women and people with low hemoglobin are recommended eating apples to increase the level of iron in the blood.

Christmas tree decoration


In the 16th to 19th century, Europeans, mostly French and Germans, decorated Christmas trees with apples. They chose fruits of bright and saturated colors. In the middle of the 19th century, Europe had the poorest ever pick of apples. Therefore French glassmakers invented glass toys, very reminiscent of apple fruit. This is how the history of glass Christmas toys began.

A rich variety

Golden, pink lady, Gala – it seems that there are only a handful of apple varieties. In fact, the paradise fruit is so popular that a lot of varieties have been bred all over the world. Apple trees are divided into domestic and garden types; there are 2500 varieties of the former, and more than 7500 of the latter. And, apparently, gardeners and breeders are not going to stop there!

The height of the trees

We are accustomed to the fact that apple trees do not grow tall. The maximum height that can be found in many gardens is up to 3 meters. In fact, an apple tree can reach 15 meters, but, for convenience, tree varieties no more than 2 meters tall have been bred.

The grand painting


Apple fruit has repeatedly become the source of inspiration for artists, poets and singers. Once it inspired the Swedish artist, Emma Karp Lundström, so much that she decided to create an unusual picture. The artwork was created from natural apples and weighed more than four tons. Thirty-five thousand apples were used to make such a striking masterpiece.

Source of vitamins

Everyone is talking about the benefits of apples, but what vitamins do they actually contain? They contain vitamin B2, which invokes appetite. Vitamin A contributes to the normalization of the digestive tract. In addition, a small apple fruit contains vitamins E, B1, C, B6, P.

Natural sweetener

Apples are recommended to diabetes patients. This is because they contain large amounts of fructose. It is not as harmful as glucose and satisfies the need for sweet.

Apples are not for everyone

However useful apples might be, not everyone can eat them! They are contraindicated to those suffering from a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer. They are not recommended to eat sour apples, only baked ones. Sour apples are also contraindicated to people suffering from gastritis.

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