Doctors Reveal How to Detect Cancer on Early Stages


The American Cancer Society has recorded 1.5 million cases of cancer in the US in 2015. All medical experts say that early tumor detection is critical for controlling the disease.

There are some signs of cancer that must not be ignored . Pay attention to the changes in the body, as they may not only be a sign of cancer, but of many others diseases, as well.

Check your body for cancer cells, if you feel any of these symptoms.

Remember that these signs mean only that you need to seek medical advice.

1. Bloating (women)

Inexplicable and chronic flatulence can indicate ovarian cancer. Dr. Beth Y. Karlan explains:

Ovarian cancer is a silent killer. Usually, no one pays attention to the fact that their stomach quickly and regularly bloats after dinner.

If your stomach gets full too fast, and at the same time you suffer regular back pains, you should see a doctor. Especially if you have had these symptoms for several weeks.

2. Irregular bleeding (women)

Any abnormal bleeding that occurs after menopause or regardless of the cycle can be a sign of something serious. For example, endometriosis or cervical cancer.

Dr. Carolyn Runowicz says:

Any bleeding, even small drops of blood on the underwear, is abnormal. Not to mention blood clots. If it is happening with you, you should immediately investigate what is going on.

Rush to the doctor, if you notice these symptoms. We hope it will turn out to be some trivial cervical infection.

3. Abdomen and pelvic pain (women)

Pelvic or abdomen pain can be a sign of serious problems with the ovaries. If the pain is accompanied by bloating, and you have problems with urination or appetite, you need to see a doctor.

The American Cancer Society claims:

These symptoms are also typical of other diseases. However, when they are caused by cancer, they are stable and regular.

4. Persistent back pain (men)

This problem can have many roots. And most of them, fortunately, are not linked to cancer. However, colon cancer and prostate cancer are almost always accompanied by sharp back pain. So, if you are faced with this, you’d better see a doctor.

Healthline writes :

Back pain is the most common cause of disability. People are not aware of this, but it can also indicate prostate cancer, if accompanied by pain in the hip bones.

Of course, muscle pain itself is not a reason for panicking. However, if this condition is repeated regularly, you may guess it is something serious.

5. Changes in men’s testes

One of the best ways to prevent testicular cancer is to constantly monitor the condition and size of your testes. It is important that their size and shape should not be changed.

Dr. Herbert Lepor explains:

If you notice something else on them – like a heavy new formation – never postpone medical examination. In contrast to prostate cancer, which grows slowly, testicular cancer can be developed overnight.

In a nutshell, pay attention to your body!

6. Pain in the groin, hips or pelvis (men)

Prostate cancer can cause not only back pain, but also pain in the groin, thighs and buttocks. The same symptoms accompany testicular cancer.

Remember: any chronic pain or swelling is definitely a sign of a serious disease.

7. Persistent cough in men and women

Typically, cough is a consequence of colds. However, if it does not disappear and keeps tormenting you for months/years, then it may indicate a thyroid, throat, or lung cancer.

The author of numerous cancer studies, Katriina Whitaker, writes:

We know that coughing and colds are usually interrelated. But if coughing persists for months, do not hesitate to see a doctor.

Smoking can also be a cause of chronic cough. This is the number one cancer killer among women, as Karlan emphasizes.

8. Urination problems(both men and women)

If you regularly have problems with urination and bowel movements, it may be a sign of something very serious.

Healthline writes:

Intestines problems are very common, but major changes, chronic pains, and a sensation of an inflated abdomen can be symptoms of colon cancer.

If you notice blood in the feces, then it is time to immediately seek professional help.

9. Sudden weight loss in men and women

Sudden and unexplained weight changes can be caused by several factors, all of which are very serious. Including some types of cancer.

The American Cancer Society writes:

Unexplained weight loss of even 5 kg may indicate such types of cancer as pancreatic cancer, stomach, esophagus or lung cancer.

Stress can also be the cause. However, you’d better take a blood test to make sure everything is fine.

10. Breast lumps (men and women)

Many people think that breast cancer only affects women, but in fact it occurs in men, too. Its first sign is the appearance of lumps.

Dr. Meyers says:

Men tend to ignore the risk of this cancer type. However, in 1% of all cases, it develops in men. And almost everyone turns to doctors only when it is too late.

Breast cancer is treated easily: the main thing is to identify it at an early stage.

11. Swollen lymph nodes in men and women

These are small glands located in several places throughout the body. The main ones are on the neck and armpits. Swollen lymph nodes are often signs of hypothermia or consequences of a sore throat.

Nevertheless, Dr. Marleen Meyers notes that if the swelling does not disappear within two to four weeks, you should always consult a doctor.

12. Skin changes (men and women)

It is necessary to monitor any new formations on your skin. After all, this type of cancer is very easy to recognize at an early stage.

Look out for new moles that appear on your body. If you do not like their color, shape or size, consult a doctor immediately.

Remember: better safe than sorry. Skin cancer when identified early can be stopped instantly.

13. Any changes in the mouth

First of all, pay attention to the appearance of unexplained white or red spots in the mouth. Especially if you smoke or chew tobacco!

The American Cancer Society writes:

White spots in the mouth and on the tongue may indicate a precancerous condition. Any changes that do not disappear quickly must be examined by a doctor.

14. Severe chronic fatigue in men and women

We are referring to unexplainable fatigue. If you feel even worse in the morning than you do in the evening, you can be seriously ill.

The American Cancer Society says:

Fatigue is an important symptom, if it eventually gets stronger and stronger. Leukemia or other cancers usually manifest themselves this way.

As you understand, it is better to see a doctor and know you are safe than feeling sorry in a hospital bed.

Dr. Beth Karlan stresses:

We do not want to alarm you. We just want to explain that cancer is curable, if detected at its earliest stages, then it will have no harmful consequences. Use the latest advances in medical science to your benefit – and you will be able to live as you lived before the diagnosis. The main thing is to see an oncologist in time.

So you get the point. We just could not fail to warn you. Share this article with all of your friends!

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