10 Tips for Getting Rid of Dandruff


Virtually everyone has faced such an unpleasant phenomenon as dandruff. It appears suddenly and gives a lot of trouble. It looks unsightly, spoils your hair style and mood, and lingers on clothes. How to get rid of it and forget about it forever? We have found the answers to this question!

1. Revise your food habits

Dandruff is directly linked to your diet – if it is incorrect, then you will find it hard to get rid of the unpleasant itching. Therefore, you should add more fruits and fermented milk products into your diet, reduce the intake of sweets and fatty foods.

2. Increase the level of vitamins

The next most common cause of white “grain” on the scalp is vitamin deficiency. It is likely that the body needs vitamins A and C. In order to replenish their supplies, you need to eat liver, green onions, tomatoes, pumpkin, red peppers, cherries, rosehip, apples, walnuts, and citrus fruit.

3. Keep your hair brush clean

If you managed to get rid of dandruff once, but it appeared again, you need to pay attention to your hair brush. It should be washed and cleaned, preferably after each use, since it accumulates not only dust particles but dandruff as well.

4. Wash your hair more often

No matter how trivial this tip may sound, it does help prevent dandruff. In fact, the unpleasant fungus may appear as a consequence of sebaceous glands malfunctioning.

5. Pay attention to medical shampoos

A huge number of anti-dandruff shampoos can be found on the shelves. However, you should not buy them in cosmetic boutiques, as these labels are only a marketing move. Shampoos that really help can only be found in pharmacies, and it is better to address a good dermatologist who will recommend the right product.

6. Wash your hair with warm water

Head skin dryness may arise from the use of hot and hard water. Wash your hair with warm water that does not injure the skin. You can add a few tablespoons of vinegar to soften it. This little trick will make the hair more vibrant and silky.

7. Replace your shampoo with a tar soap

Natural tar soap perfectly fights various types of fungi, including dandruff. To get rid of the itching, such soap should be used for several weeks. Leave it on the scalp for 2-3 minutes, then wash off and be sure to apply some balm or a hair mask.

8. Rinse your hair with nettle infusion

Nettle has long been used to strengthen hair and make it more beautiful. Beside the fact that it prevents the weakening of the hair follicles, it can eliminate dandruff. Making an infusion for rinsing is very simple. For this, you will need a bag of dried leaves and a few glasses of boiling water. Pour the boiling water over the leaves and leave to infuse for half an hour, then strain through a sieve or gauze and cool. After washing, rinse your hair with this infusion, and, after a few weeks, you will forget about dandruff.

9. Make a mask of yogurt and black pepper

Kefir is capable of restoring a favorable flora on the scalp and alleviate dryness. Therefore, it is often used as a component of hair and face masks. Pepper stimulates blood circulation and prevents hair loss. This will kill two birds with one stone. Leave the mask for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water abundantly.

10. Use the hairdryer less often

However convenient a hair dryer would be, it harms the hair and scalp. The drastic impact of hot air contributes to the loss of moisture, the destruction of hair follicles and the appearance of dandruff. It is therefore recommended to reduce the use of this miracle technology.

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