9 Reasons You Can’t Get Rid of Belly Fat

And what to do to reduce belly fat


It is difficult to deny the obvious fact which speaks for itself: one in three people is obese, and the problem of overweight involves an increasing number of developed countries. You may also want to get rid of belly fat. These 9 effective tips will help you get rid of cellulite forever.

Determine the exact amount of protein you need every day

The amount of protein depends on your physical activity. Media and marketers have worked well in this direction because to many it seems that they consume inadequate amounts of protein. But this is not true.

Experts advise consuming 1 gram of protein for every kilogram of your body. This nutrition will surely let you perform strength and cardio exercises.

If the body needs more protein, adjust its consumption

If you do a lot of exercise and are aimed at achieving a specific athletic form or are involved in weightlifting, for example, you will need more protein; besides, it is also important to choose the protein type correctly. Most weight lifters and body builders consume whey protein, and fans of heavy cardio trainings prefer pea protein, or brown rice.

Consume fewer carbohydrates


Yes it’s true. The most proven and fastest way to lose weight is to refrain from the consumption of carbohydrates. If you consume less than 150 grams of carbohydrates a day, your body starts to burn fat faster and uses glucose more correctly.

Drink more water than usually

Water not only nourishes and strengthens the body, it also helps convert carbohydrates into usable energy. Water cleanses our body, removes toxins, and participates in the destruction of excess fat cells.

Start eating more fats


Yes, you’ve got it right. Fat is the best source of energy. Fat provides nine calories per gram, while proteins and carbohydrates give you only four. Therefore you can consume less fat, compared with proteins and carbohydrates and still get enough calories and energy.

Try consuming only 50 grams or even slightly less carbohydrates for a few days

Reducing carbohydrates will lead to faster fat burning. Your body uses about 150 grams of carbohydrates a day, if it is not possible to get them from meals, the body will start gluconeogenesis. Gluconeogenesis is the synthesis of glucose from non-carbohydrate foods.

Start the day right

The best time to burn carbohydrates is the morning. Therefore, they are better to consume at breakfast. In such a way, the body has enough time to digest carbohydrates, and they will not turn into fat.

Distribute equal amounts of protein between several meals


It is not advised to use the daily dose of protein at one time. Your digestive system is able to absorb only a certain amount of nutrients, and excessive protein load may even lead to poisoning. Distribute the protein between several meals.

Light dinner and healthy fats

You should better eat light dishes for dinner and avoid the consumption of carbohydrates. For example, eat fish or half an avocado. During sleep, your body will use these fats and proteins to restore the damaged muscles and reinforce the cells that require fats.

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