Morning Habits That Help Lose Weight

Whatever goals you set for yourself, sometimes losing weight seems to be a very laborious and almost impossible process. However, in order to lose a few pounds, it is not at all necessary to completely abandon your usual lifestyle or strictly follow a certain diet. Some simple morning habits will help you lose weight – and you won’t have any trouble following them. Losing weight without making any special effort – isn’t that what each of us dreams of?

High protein breakfast

Of course, you still have to reconsider nutrition a little, especially since it is breakfast that is considered the most important meal of the day. It is important to start the day correctly. “Protein” breakfast can help you, and you will remain full of energy until lunchtime.

Protein promotes weight loss by lowering levels of the so-called hunger hormone ghrelin, which increases appetite. So, eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, chia seeds, and Greek yogurt are great breakfast options.

Drink more water

Even if you think you drink enough water, increase the amount and drink more. If you drink a glass or two before breakfast, the process of losing weight will be launched from the very morning.

Water reduces appetite and increases the number of calories you burn. One study found that 500 ml of water reduced your breakfast calorie intake by 13%.

Start weighing yourself

If you haven’t done it before, it is time to start now. Getting on the scales every morning is a good way to increase motivation and self-control.

In this case, a positive result will cause a desire to move on, and excess weight will help to give up high-calorie foods because you will want to see a different figure on the scales.

An app that will maintain your daily weight and show you the dynamics of weight loss can also contribute to your motivation.

Be in the sun more often

It is enough to open the curtains in the morning to let the sunlight into the room. As you know, sunrays give us vitamin D, and this helps in losing weight. Scientists believe that even 10-15 minutes spent in the sun can promote weight loss.

Take lunch from home

You can spend one evening a week preparing meals for work and school. If you bring homemade food with you, you can easily avoid extra calories that are so easy to gain when eating in a cafe or restaurant.

Think in advance what to take with you in order to maintain the right balance of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins (ideal for those who are losing weight, respectively: 10%/60%/30%).

Keep a food diary

If you can’t remember what you ate during the day or you think you remember everything, a food diary will open your eyes. Consider everything that was eaten – and you will definitely learn a lot about yourself and your diet, and the desire to eat something extra will disappear by itself.

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