Most Dangerous Weight Loss Diets


Weight loss is one of the most important ideas that arise in female minds, especially when summer is coming. It’s getting hot, and you remove clothes from the areas that do not look ideal after a nutritious and idle winter period. The very process of effective weight loss has an extremely favorable influence on the beauty, health and general well-being of any person.

Trying to lose weight, few people think about a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, but many are looking for a quick and easy method of weight loss. Their variety is wide: from starvation diets to applying the effect of frame 25. In this case, the main thing is not to panic and to avoid the influence of people, who are incompetent in the field of medicine. If you choose some previously unchecked diet, you can harm your health by using dubious products for quick weight loss. In this case, your appearance will suffer, and the kilos you have dropped, will come back soon.

To begin with, let us dispel the myths and understand one simple fact: the weight that has been gained for months cannot be lost in a matter of one week. The normal body fat loss while dieting is 1 kg per week. If this amount is exceeded, the diet can harm your health and appearance.

Possible health risks of improper and quick weight loss

Let’s take a closer look at the possible side effects of improper diet.

Worsening condition of the skin, hair and nails


As a result of strict slimming diets, based on the complete elimination or severe restriction of certain groups of products, the body suffers from an acute shortage of nutrients that are needed for its normal functioning. After all, what we eat is not solely transformed into pure energy and fat. We need food to build tissues and ensure their normal functioning, to support the central nervous system and brain. These needs require a great number of different trace elements. Removing at least one element from the diet can violate the balance and lead to trouble in the long-term perspective.

As a result, having tried rapid weight loss for yourself, you can at best be rewarded with the slack and dry skin, stretch marks, brittle hair and premature wrinkles. The reason for this is the inability of your organism to function properly under the circumstances of stress and the lack of important nutrients, such as fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and some minerals.

In the gravest cases, you can disrupt the performance of your digestive system, liver, kidneys, and trigger slight or serious disorders of the nervous system.

The most harmful diets and nutrition systems

Let us find out which diets should be avoided! Below are the most dangerous ones.

Protein fat-free diet


For many women, weight loss is associated with eliminating the intake of fats and starchy vegetables and an intense increase in the proportion of protein in the diet. Large amounts of protein in the menu without sufficient fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, contributes to a more rapid aging of the organism. It contributes to the emergence of constipation, intoxication, the formation of kidney stones and gall bladder.

Besides, the use of such amounts of protein overloads the kidneys and liver and thickens blood.

Salt-free diet


The fact that salt is called white death makes sense only if it is used excessively. Absolute exclusion of salt from the diet is no way out. This method of weight loss allows you to remove fluid from the body, but not fat cells.

Excluding salt from the weight loss menu, you risk to violate the water and salt balance in the body, which may cause the emergence of heart or kidney disease and lead to changes in blood composition.



These include buckwheat, kefir, apple, rice diet, as well as many other diets, in which the menu consists of only 1-2 products. Such weight loss may deteriorate the appearance and lead to gastrointestinal diseases and improper functioning of other body systems. In such cases people notice serious deterioration of health, including the appearance of weakness, nausea, dry mouth, lethargy, irritability, and other problems.

The most dangerous slimming diets


Weight loss for women depends on a much greater life span. If you develop the habits of unhealthy eating over a long period of time, your metabolism will be violated, and it will be necessary to find more and more sophisticated methods of losing the unwanted kilograms.

Gullible women easily follow the tips given by a number of ads, questionable sites, numerous friends, and talk shows on television. The most popular and harmful slimming diets and, most importantly, their consequences are presented below.

Diet pills


We are not going to discuss poor quality or toxic drugs; but even if to take into account high-quality and effective weight loss medicines, you should not test their effect on yourself without consulting a doctor. Such drugs are prescribed to diabetics or to people with extreme obesity.

As a rule, these products are aimed at creating a false feeling of satiety. After you stop taking the pills, the weight often comes back. Some of these drugs include the components that contribute to the emergence of insomnia, nausea, changes in feeling the taste of food or increased blood pressure. Most of them affect certain brain centers.

The uncontrolled use of laxatives


Frequent bowel movement caused by a laxative can lead to the lack of potassium in the body, which contributes to the development of pancreatitis. In addition, bowel microflora is violated.



Excessive fluid loss promotes the production of electrolytes and causes dehydration.

Gastric Bypass Surgery


Any surgery can be dangerous to human health and life. It also presupposes the risk of infection and the appearance of other complications.

Electrical stimulators from television infomercials


The performance of these products is quite noticeable, but their action is absolutely unrelated to weight loss. Electrical stimulators help prevent the appearance of stagnation processes in tissues and are used in medical institutions to improve blood circulation. But do not even try to compare the effect of such devices with a real workout.

Hosting parasites


In some cases, the people who want to lose weight, agree to have the bovine tapeworm parasite introduced into their body. This helminth has to live and grow in the human intestine, absorbing everything that goes into it. Should we remind of the danger of parasitic infections once again?

Proper weight loss for women


While losing weight, you should be guided by one simple law – we should burn more energy than we consume. Perhaps someone will understand it as a call to another rigid diet, but it is fundamentally wrong. This rule calls for a transition to proper nutrition, increasing the amount of physical activity and fitness, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Eat only simple and wholesome food, drink enough clean water, spend more time on the move, have enough sleep, be less responsive to stress, be always in good shape, and the problem of gaining weight will not concern you.

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